Enshey Dental X-RAY Film Positioning System Complete Kit XCP-DS Type Positioner Holders Locator Dental Paralleling Kit FPS 3000

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Note: This X-Ray film can not use with digital sensors, you can use it with regular films.
Fully color-coded and user friendly, and lightweight for patient comfort and easy assembly.
Aligns film to prevent cont cutting.
Rounded bite blocks with no sharp edges improves comfort.
Can be used for anterior, posterior, bitweing and endodontic procedures.



The FPS3000 film positioning system has made your guide to perfect
x-rays much easier.

FPS3000 is the most comprehensive and durable system available

Our film holding system has been the state-of-the-art in dental radiography for over a third of a century. Steadily refined over the years, recent improvements have made today's FPS3000 easier to use and brought a new level of patient comfort.

Now the FPS3000 brings precise film positioning to a whole new
area - endodontics.

Aligns film and prevents cone cutting, for perfect x-rays every time. FPS3000 long-cone technique reduces distortion.

Color-coded for easy assembly

Rounded bite blocks with no sharp edges improve comfort; open bite
block design gives a softer bite

NEW! Anterior vertical bite-wings using #1 x-ray film

Same-arch bite technique for bite-wings with a more closed bite

Thinner, lighter aiming rings, compatible with rectangular and
round open-ended PIDs

New, shorter arms fit all intraoral x-ray units, guide PID for proper alignment
Fully steam autoclavable

Packing Include:

5 *Aiming Rings

1 *Endodontic (Green)

1 *Bite Wing (Red)

1 *Anterior (Blue)

2 *Posterior (Yellow)

5 *Indicator Arms

1 *Endodontic (Chrome)

1 *Bite Wing (Red)

1 *Anterior (Blue)

2 *Posterior (Yellow)

19 *Bite Blocks

2 *Endo (Green)

5 *Bite Wing (Red)

4 *Anterior (Blue)

8 *Posterior (Yellow)