240 Pcs 12 Different Size Natural French Short False Nails Acrylic Full Cover Nails with Simple Case (240Pcs)

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Last up to at least 5 days and can be reused.
240 nails&12 different sizes, with mini file & manicure stick
Acrylic-infused technology for durable wear
Suitable for most people of different finger sizes,for professional salon or home use.
Simple package ,cheaper and more environmentally friendly.


how to apply :
1.File the sides and cuticle area for an accurate fit with manicure stick,
which will wear the false nails better.
2.Clean nails with acetone-based polish remover,then you can remove it much easier when you want.
3.Select the correct size nails for each finger,apply glue stickers to nails.
4.Put on the false nails and press on them for 5 seconds.
5.File and shape your new nails if needed.
1)Try not to get your hands wet the fisrt few minute you wear the false nail.
2)You can use your own glue which will make the nails stay on your nails longer from the feedback from our customers.

tips for remove:
1*Put your nails in warm water for 2 minutes which will remove nail sticker easier.
2*Do not remove it abruptly which may leave some mark of the nail stickers on your nail surface.
In that case,you can also clean the remain nail stickers with water.

---> 1.8cm*20pcs,1.7cm*20pcs,1.6cm*20pcs,1.5cm*20pcs
---> 1.4cm*20pcs,1.3cm*20pcs,1.2cm*20pcs,1.1cm*20pcs
---> 1.0cm*20pcs,0.9cm*20pcs,0.8cm*20pcs,0.7cm*20pcs
. Due to manual measurement, please allow 0.05 cm errors.
Meanwhile,the color might be a little different with differrent screen display resolution. hope you donot mind.
If the size of your nails are bigger than others, you can choose long false nails in our store.

240 pcs natural french false nail tips
1 pcs mini file, 1 pcs manicure stick